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Specialist Leader in Education

Specialist Leader in Education

At Kings Ash Academy, our SMSC leader is a Specialist Leader in Education. This is for embedding SMSC into the school curriculum, RE and PSHE.

We have developed and incorporated our School Values, British Values, Building Learning Power and Growth Mindset into all aspects of our school life and curriculum. We also use Blooms’ Taxonomy to further enhance our development and learning at Kings Ash. The SMSC leader ensures there are plentiful opportunities for SMSC development through the teaching and learning, whilst also monitoring the progress of children to identify those who may require more support in their SMSC development.

Our children continually make excellent levels of progress and thoroughly enjoy SMSC learning and development. This has been recognised by both Ofsted and the Regional Schools Commissioner.

Ofsted recognised the direct impact of SMSC has had on the children,

“Leaders have recently developed a set of values which promote good learning habits that pupils and staff know and support. Pupils use these values for reflection in assemblies and think about them as they try to be better learners. For example, pupils describe using the values successfully when they need to improve their behaviour.” Kings Ash Academy Ofsted report, page 3, September 2016

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