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School Houses

At Kings Ash Academy we run a house team system where all children and staff are assigned a house team of which to be part.

Our house teams are named after four local coves:

  • Oyster
  • Elberry
  • Saltern
  • Ivy

Pupils earn house points through both their work and their effort shown within school.  These are collected weekly with the winning team be awarded the house team cup at the end of that week.

During British values week, we held a democratic vote and the house captains were decided by the pupil’s votes.  The House Captain of the winning team collects the trophy and is able to decorate it with that house team’s colour for the forthcoming week.

Pupils represent their house teams through various events across the year, including sports day, and the winning team at the end of the Academic Year will earn a House Team reward.

The House Captains for this year are:

Elberry : Stacey (4AC) and Callen (2PP)
Saltern : Jake (5SH) and Logan (2VB)
Ivy : Harry (4AC) and Callum (3RC)
Oyster : Casey (5KM) and Lewis (3CC)

Stacey (4AC)

Callen (2PP)

Jake (5SH)

Logan (2VB)

Harry (4AC)

Callum (3RC)

Casey (5KM)

Lewis (3CC)