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School Houses

At Kings Ash Academy, we run a house team system where all children and staff are assigned a team house to be a part of.
Our house team names are named after gems, as voted for by the pupils of our school, with the help of our School Council Members. The names are:
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Amber
Pupils earn house points through their attendance, having the correct uniform, bringing in their PE kit and daily planner as well as demonstrating our school values. Each week, the winning house is named in Monday Assembly, with the House Captains collecting the trophy which is decorated with the winning house’s team colour for the week.
Pupils represent their houses across many events throughout the year, including Sports Day. Each term, the winning house will also receive a house team reward afternoon.
House captains were voted for by Year 6 pupils through a democratic vote.
The House Captains for this year are:

Isaac Julian (Ruby)

Jazmine Newrick (Ruby)

Jake Sibley (Sapphire)

 Olivia Bigos (Sapphire)

Helen Marshall (Emerald)

Andrzej Jazdzewski (Amber)

Scarlett Thorpe (Amber)