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12th December 2018
Dear Parent and Carers
On November 16th we received a one day monitoring visit from Ofsted. The Ofsted Inspector was
aware that the academy had undergone many significant and positive changes since the new
leadership team had joined in January this year and a strong ethos and culture had been created within
the school. He reported that the leaders had quickly understood what needed to be done to raise the
quality of teaching, learning and assessment and that there had been marked improvements,
particularly in the quality of teaching and vital measures had been taken to improve the behaviour and
safety of children.

He noted there have been considerable changes to the teaching staff and teachers are now receiving
good professional development to become even more effective. He noted that systems were now in
place to check pupil progress and there are consistent expectations placed on pupils.

The report emphasised the large amount of co-ordinated professional expertise involved in the
Academy since January 2018. A national leader of education, outside consultants and the local
authority have been focussed on supporting the school as it moves forward into the future. The
academy has worked with the local authority to reduce the number of exclusions by involving other
outside support agencies.

He reported that at the last inspection in July 2016, a year and a half before the current leadership team
were appointed, writing across the school, planning being linked to pupil needs and challenge for the
more able needed improvement. The report stated that more needed to be done to address these
important aspects of the school’s development and plans have already been drawn up to address these

We expect a 2 day inspection to take place during 2019. This report has emphasised that many
effective actions have taken place since January 2018 and makes it clear that these actions need to
continue to deliver further improvement.

In conclusion I would to thank all of our parents, carers and others in the local community for the
support and encouragement we have received during the last 12 months. It is absolutely vital that we
continue to work together in partnership for the benefit of our children so that we give them the best
possible start to their lives.

Yours faithfully,

Jess Humphrey, Laura Kies, Stephen Kings,
Executive Headteacher. Head of School. CEO of Bay Education Trust.