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Dear Parents and Carers

Following the Ofsted inspection of the Academy on March 21st and 22nd, we have now received the report.  We are pleased to inform you that Leadership and Management, Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare of pupils and Early Years provision were all graded as good.  The full report is available by clicking on the link below. We encourage everyone associated with the Academy to read it thoroughly as it reflects very positively on the progress made during the last 15 months and gives a very clear indication that the academy is moving forward very rapidly.

We are delighted that the inspectors chose to emphasise the following strengths of the academy:

  • Leaders have a very strong understanding of the improvements that need to be made and they have the support and confidence of the staff and the Bay Education Trust.

  • Children make a good start in early years and are well prepared for year 1.

  • Children behave well and are polite and respectful. They are confident learners.

  • Pupils with SEND receive exceptional support.

  • The school’s curriculum is broad and varied.

  • Safeguarding arrangements are effective.

The report emphasises the key areas that need to be improved and that we are already making significant progress. It recognises that teaching is improving, teaching assistants are well trained and teachers ensure that pupils read widely and often. Gaps in reading have been closed and pupils read fluently. It agrees that the school’s improvement journey has gathered momentum and that attendance, behaviour and teaching and learning have all improved. Crucially the school’s small and powerful senior leadership team is making positive changes to the school.

Staff within the academy were pleased that the Inspectors noted that parents and carers are supportive, have confidence in the school’s leadership and that their children are happy to come to school. We would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

We assure you that all of us involved at Kings Ash Academy will continue doing all we can to give your children the first class education that they deserve.

With very best wishes

Jess Humphrey, Laura Kies, Stephen Kings,
Executive Headteacher. Head of School. CEO of Bay Education Trust.