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All children at Kings Ash Academy follow the National Curriculum and its full range of subjects.  Daily Literacy and Mathematics sessions focus the children on learning the basic skills which are then further developed through our creative curriculum.

Our Creative Curriculum

At Kings Ash Academy we have developed a creative curriculum which provides our children with key skills and knowledge appropriate to their age and abilities, alongside engaging and exciting themes.

A skill based approach allows us to teach the objectives the children require through any number of themes, ensuring we can be responsive to the interests of particular groups of children.

Each theme begins with a ‘hook’ which is an exciting experience or challenge to capture the children’s interest and generate enthusiasm.

We believe children learn best when they are enthused about their learning, therefore, during the theme we work hard to provide children with hands on experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

At the end of each theme, a high quality outcome brings together the children’s learning in a meaningful way and is shared with parents and the community.