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School Values

Our Visions, Aims and Values

Vision – Knowing, Aspiring and Achieving

Aims – To work with the community to develop creative, caring children who aspire to achieve and succeed in a happy, healthy and safe environment


Respect – We treat others the way you want to be treated. We show kindness and consideration to others. We take pride in our actions. We speak kindly to each other. We use good manners and are polite. We encourage each other.

Responsibility – We help each other. We take on special roles or responsibilities. We are fair and we share. We speak to each other in a considerate way. We value each other. We all have strengths. We take responsibility for our own actions. We are ready and prepared to learn. We take pride in everything we do.

Co-operation – We work as part of a team. We work together without conflict. We understand the needs of others. We listen to the views of others. We understand each other’s strengths. We accept that other people have different views and beliefs.

Honesty – We are honest with ourselves. We are confident. We have the courage to tell the truth. We listen carefully to other people. We learn from our mistakes.

Tolerance – We treat everyone fairly. We co-operate with others. We work well as part of a group. We celebrate and accept other people’s differences. We are aware of the consequences of our actions. We reflect on what we say and do.