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School Values

Our Aims and Values

Our Aims: 
Kings Ash  Academy aims to create a learning environment which enables children to be ‘Knowing, Aspiring and Achieving’.

We want everyone to:

  • -Be able to learn
  • -Be safe
  • -Be happy
  • -Be respected
  • -Be listened to
To achieve these aims our children will need to be resilient and confident individuals, with an ability to relate to others and communicate their thoughts and ideas with humility and understanding.


Our Values:

We have four key values at the heart of our curriculum:

Our ethos value is one of respect.  We encourage all members of our school community to be respectful to others.  To empathise and value one another’s opinions and beliefs.

Our key learning values are independence, creativity and collaboration.  Our key learning values are at the heart of our practice and intrinsic to all teaching and learning.

Respect :A respectful person: is kind – is courteous – has high expectations of their own conduct – shows empathy – is tolerant of others

Independence: An independent learner: has self confidence – perseveres – is well organised – is willing to make mistakes – recognises when to ask for support – is focused

Collaboration: A collaborative learner:  actively participates – communicates effectively – understands roles in a group – is willing to try ideas – has positive relationships – shows respect

Creativity: A creative learner: takes risks – asks questions – tries out new ideas – is resilient – seeks challenges – connects ideas and learning


Our Curriculum:

Our curriculum is linked to the needs of our children and is designed to provide challenging, purposeful, innovative, real, collaborative and aspirational learning experiences for our children.  It aims to connect them to the wider world through working with community partners.

Through these and a commitment to the principles of assessment for learning, we aim for all our
children to meet their full potential.

Our ethos value and our key learning values each have a creature assigned to them to allow all children to access the different concepts

Babu, the deer, is our mascot for respect.

Casey, the rabbit, is our mascot for collaboration.

Charlotte, the squirrel, is our mascot for creativity.

Solo, the hedgehog, is our mascot for independence.