Reception Classes

Welcome to Reception

We have two classes in Reception. They are RBS (Sealions) taught by Miss Salter/Mr Grace
and  RLH (Turtles) taught by Miss Hannaford/Mr Grace.  Our team Leader is Miss Collis.

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the class teachers or contact our Team Leader.

Reception Learning

This week in Reception we have been learning all about measurement. We have been learning about length, weight and capacity. To learn about weight we have made a sweet shop. We are weighing out the sweets and using comparative language to say “This pot is...

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How Can I Make The Biggest Bubble?

For our ‘I did, so we did’ learning we had a very interesting question, “how can I make the biggest bubble?” We explored this today and found some interesting ways to make humongous bubbles.

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Reception Enjoy The Snow!

The Reception children had a fantastic time investigating the snow. We all wrapped up nice and warm, mark made in the snow, made footprints and then warmed up by making some delicious hot chocolates.

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Reception’s Scientific Investigation

Reception children have been doing a scientific investigation. One child wanted to know why their tongue turned blue when they ate sweets. We conducted the skittles experiment. The children predicted what would happen. Some thought it would make...

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Fantastic Home Learning

More amazing home learning from the Sealions! An amazing amount of effort has gone into the projects. The children have loved sharing these with their friends....

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Super Home Learning

Amazing home learning in Sealion class. Jack chose to draw and label a dinosaur. Super home learning...

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Taste Testing

Sealions and Turtles Reception classes have had a fantastic time taste testing some bread. They have tried different varieties so that they can pick which they like best, and will bake this for their Parents to try at our learning celebration.

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The Little Red Hen

Reception have been learning about the story The Little Red Hen! We had a letter arrive from the Little Red Hen asking for our help, we have been busy helping her plant seeds and making predictions about what will...

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Christmas Nativity

We would like to thank everyone who attended our spectacular Nativity play this year! The children did a fantastic job and were amazing at retelling the Nativity story and singing the songs, all of the Foundation Team were extremely proud of them.        ...

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