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Nursery Classes

Welcome to Nursery

We have two classes in Nursery, they are 3/4 Yr Nursery taught by Mrs Ford and our 2 Yr Nursery led by Miss Taylor.
Our team Leader is Miss Collis.


This week in Nursery we have been exploring the gingerbread man story. We have learnt the story and then have acted out parts of it all together pretending to be the gingerbread man. Some of us have changed the characters in the book to create a new story....

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Nursery & Reception

Nursery and Reception have had a fantastic time enjoying the hot weather. The children have loved role play in the new boat. We even had a delicious iced treat and a story in the shade.

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Class Pets In Nursery

The children in Nursery have enjoyed getting to know our new class pets, tadpoles. We have been discussing the changes tadpoles go through to get to frogs. We have looked closely at the them and we are hoping after Easter we will see a few more...

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Nursery World Book Day

The children thoroughly enjoyed World Book day, although it was delayed due to the snow!! The children's outfits were incredible and a huge thanks go out to all the parents for making such a tremendous...

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World Book Day

The Nursery children enjoyed dressing up and participating in a range of activities based around our story, The Hungry Caterpillar for World Book Day. We also decorated our door to match our Hungry Caterpillar...

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Nursery Yard Fun

Kaidan had great fun building in the yard. He constructed a fabulous tunnel for all of his friends to use. They loved shooting their cars out of the...

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Fun Morning In Nursery

The nursery has been practicing using their fine motor skills to pick up pasta with tweezers. They demonstrated good determination and perseverance during this activity and were not easily distracted from what they were trying to achieve. They added the pasta to some...

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Christmas Nativity

We would like to thank everyone who attended our spectacular Nativity play this year! The children did a fantastic job and were amazing at retelling the Nativity story and singing the songs, all of the Foundation Team were extremely proud of them.        ...

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2 Y O Nursery Building Up to Christmas

It’s been another busy couple of weeks in nursery. The children have enjoyed exploring a wide range of activities including mark making, dough and various outdoor activities. We have been spending lots of time with the nursery guinea pigs this past week,...

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Welcome back

This week we have been investigating pumpkins. We talked about what the outside of the pumpkin felt like before it was cut. We then opened it up and scooped the middle out. We looked at the seeds and tried to use the tweezers to pick some up which was very...

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