Welcome to Nursery

We have two classes in Nursery, they are 3/4 Yr Nursery taught by Mrs Ford and our 2 Yr Nursery led by Miss Taylor.
Our team Leader is Miss Collis.

Christmas Nativity

We would like to thank everyone who attended our spectacular Nativity play this year! The children did a fantastic job and were amazing at retelling the Nativity story and singing the songs, all of the Foundation Team were extremely proud of them.  ...

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2 Y O Nursery Building Up to Christmas

It’s been another busy couple of weeks in nursery. The children have enjoyed exploring a wide range of activities including mark making, dough and various outdoor activities. We have been spending lots of time with the nursery guinea pigs this past week,...

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Welcome back

This week we have been investigating pumpkins. We talked about what the outside of the pumpkin felt like before it was cut. We then opened it up and scooped the middle out. We looked at the seeds and tried to use the tweezers to pick some up which was very...

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2-Y-O Nursery Settling In

The nursery have been busy, settling in over the past few weeks. We have explored a wide range of activities together and have been getting to know each other through small group games. We are currently practising the Bear Hunt story ready to show all our...

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The Gingerbread Man Experiment

The children in the Nursery couldn’t understand why the Gingerbread Man didn’t swim across the river. We decided to put it to the test. The children pointed out ‘he has melted’, ‘he has crumbled’ and ‘he has sunk’. The children have decided to try and make...

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Nursery Children Settling In

In the Jellyfish class, we have been settling into Nursery by talking about our home life and making new friends. We are starting to learn the class routines and rules.                            ...

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