During the first few weeks of term, we have been very busy in 3DS.

In maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction. We have used dienes to help us solve 3 digit addition problems and we have been working really hard to understand different types of subtraction problems and creating our own subtraction stories from a range of pictures.


During theme, we have been learning all about ourselves. We recently brought in some of our favourite toys to share with our friends. We absolutely loved this and we told each other why we liked our toys so much. We then went on to draw our favourite toy and write about it.


We have been exploring a text called “Tuesday” by David Wiesner in Guided Reading, this has really caught our attention as there are hardly any words and it is all about the antics that frogs get up to every Tuesday when they can fly! We have worked together as a whole class and in pairs discussing the different images and questioning why things are happening. The first time we saw it, we all laughed as the frogs looked so funny!


Throughout all of this learning, we have remembered how important it is to have a growth mindset and to not give up even when we find something a bit tricky!