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Something very peculiar happened in year 3 on Monday afternoon – The day started off just like any other school day.  However, after lunch, Mrs Deller came to collect us and she informed us that we were not going to be able to follow our normal timetable because she needed our help…

As we entered the classroom, we were shocked, surprised, concerned and curious just to mention a few of our emotions. Our classroom had been turned upside down and we discovered a gigantic nest of multi-coloured eggs in our book corner. There were feathers all over the floor and brown muddy coloured prints all over the tables!

We had a fantastic time investigating and looking at the evidence. Several other members of staff came in and we were so excited to tell and show them what had happened. Eventually, after a lot of discussion we sat down to record what we had found out.

Watch this space as we are now learning and planning a recount so that we can write down exactly what happened (or what we think happened) last Monday afternoon.