PE and Sports Grant

Over the past few years, Kings Ash has received a PE and Sports Funding Grant from the DFE which has helped to dramatically increase the profile of PE.  This has resulted in a huge increase in participation and enjoyment in a range of sports and activities.

2015/2016 – How the money was spent:

  • Investing in being part of the Torbay Primary Schools Partnership organised and run byPaignton Community Sports Academy, PCSA.  This has enabled us to access competitions and festivals at PCSA and other venues with other schools.  We attended more festivals than ever before last year with 100% of the school attending at least one festival throughout the year.  A percentage of the funding was also allocated to providing transport to and from these events in order for us to be able to attend as many as possible.
  • Curriculum sessions were delivered on a weekly basis by specialist teachers from PCSA, providing high quality PE lessons forthe pupils and excellent CPD for the staff.  100% of our pupils in KS1 and KS2 have accessed this facility.  A range of sports have already been covered, including Football, Tag Rugby and Hockey.
  • Specialist Dance teacher, Alison Axford, enhanced subject knowledge and understanding of high quality dance teaching.
  • Increased participation and enjoyment through a wide range of extra-curricular activities being made available through the staff at Kings Ash and the employment of Premier Sports and Torquay United. Sports that were offered include: Tennis, Tag Rugby, Archery, Gymnastics, Football and Cricket.

Children representing the school at inter-school competitions and festivals

  • We attended more festivals than ever before this year.  The children thoroughly enjoyed participating in a range of festivals across the year and developed a range of skills.
  • Festivals attended included: Tag Rugby, Athletics, Rounders, Multi-skills, Football and many more.

Future Plans for Funding Grant 2016/2017

  • Continue to increase participation and enjoyment in after school and lunchtime clubs, through the continued employment of Torquay United in the Community.
  • Continue to engage in opportunities provided by the Torbay Sports Partnership; such as sports festivals, gifted and talented programmes, CPD opportunities. Funding to be used to provide transport to and from these events.
  • Continue to develop high quality teaching and learning in PE by ensuring more opportunities of active CPD by providing additional curriculum sessions where teachers can work alongside specialist teachers/coaches.
  • Continue to participate in more competitive events through the Partnership and continue progressing well in the local Football League.


Click the link below to access Kings Ash Academy’s Primary Physical Education Action plan and Sports Premium 2015/2016 document.

Click the link below to access Kings Ash Academy’s Primary Physical Education Action plan and Sports Premium 2015/2016 document.