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Pastoral Support

What is Support Base at Kings Ash Academy?

The Support Base is a place where children’s emotional, social and mental health needs are addressed within a caring, supportive environment enabling them to feel safe and secure in their learning environment.  The Support Base is situated at the far end of the school, there are 3 members of staff based in the support base who are all highly qualified and experienced to work with children with additional needs.

Children who struggle at lunch and break times are also supported during these times.

As part of Kings Ash Academy’s positive behaviour agreement the children may need to access support base if their behaviour has either prevented others in their class from learning or hampered their own learning, we recognise that not all children are able to manage the demands of mainstream class and some require additional support.

Sessions in Support Base address developmental interruptions in the children’s emotional, social and mental health needs. The curriculum is designed to support pupils to reintegrate into their classes more successfully by developing listening skills, social skills, relaxation and learning skills.


Who is Support Base for?


  • Who struggle with transition into class at various times of the day
  • Who struggle to concentrate in a large busy classroom.
  • Who are unhappy or withdrawn and find it difficult to talk about their feelings.
  • Who have experienced a bereavement or loss.
  • Whose behaviour is disrupting the learning of others or is an obstacle to their own learning.
  • Who struggle to control their temper and / or have poor impulse control.

How long will my child attend Support Base for?

The majority of children will only spend a short period of time in the support base with the view of returning the child back to the class to start the next lesson. A few children will attend the support base for a longer period of time and their progress will be monitored weekly, with SLT, the pastoral lead, support base staff, and SENCo.

Who’s who in Support Base?

Miss Barry – Pastoral Lead

Mrs Johnson – Pastoral Teaching Assistant

Miss Phipps– Pastoral Teaching Assistant

Quotes from children attending Support Base:

“There are loads of adults to talk to when you’re feeling upset”.

“It calms me down”

“I have people to talk to when I am feeling angry”

“It’s great because people listen to you when you’re sad”