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On 5th December, 6LE held our learning celebration. The children wrote and shared their own presentation to celebrate all of the fantastic learning they have completed so far this half term. Parents, friends and visitors were invited in to share with the children their work and use this opportunity to spend time talking with the children in class. Some comments left from the parents were:

“I am very impressed by how much the children have crammed into this half term. It was great to see an element of fun too with the addition of the song. Great work by all involved.”  Catherine Foale

“The class seemed to enjoy doing their presentation. I found the first aid presentation informative. Stacey’s work was neat and she enjoyed explaining to us about it”  Kirsty Lang

“The class came together really well whilst doing the presentation and teamwork was also done very well.”  Michaela

“Very impressed with the presentation and singing. Loved looking at Keryn’s work.”  Laura Giffard

“The class did very well. Sharon spoke really well and it was good watching her showing her work. “  Jessica Baker