Welcome to Year 6

We have two classes in Year 6. They are 6LE taught by Miss Evans and 6KM taught by Miss Mason.
Our team Leader is Mr Apps.

If there are any issues or concerns, please feel free to come in and see the class teachers or contact our Team Leader.

Year 6LE this term

Art: Year 6 have been looking at celebrating diversity through artwork.  We enjoyed sharing a range of diversity art and discussing what they represent. We used these as inspiration to create our own pieces of diversity art.   PCSA Literacy project:...

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Key Stage 2 Hook Day

Kings Ash Academy: Brains of Britain At Kings Ash Academy, we have been busy learning about the Brains of Britain and our role within this. We have thought carefully about how we can use our Growth Mindset to be the best we can be. We thought about how this links to...

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Year 6SMSC

Learning Styles In year six, we have spent time learning about how we learn! We have explored and understood the three different learning styles: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. After understanding what these are, we completed a series of questions to identify our...

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Year 6 Numeracy

In 6KM we have been showing great resilience and determination to develop and deepen our understanding of number and place value. We have been: partitioning numbers; ordering and comparing numbers; rounding, calculating with positive and negative numbers; and we have...

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Year 6 Growth Mindset

In 6KM we have been busy understanding what a Growth Mindset is and how important this is. We have thought about how we can think and learn with a Growth Mindset.                      ...

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Year 6 Literacy

In 6KM we have been busy learning about different authors and have been discussing the books we enjoy reading. We have been using our Blooms questions to further deepen and understand what we are reading. We have also been busy doing some Extreme Reading!  ...

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